Our comprehensive range of services from our talented people means that we can cover all phases of the project process. Inovo works in broad range of sectors and specialises in complex and multi-disciplinary developments.

We invest in our people and our resources to maintain a dynamic workplace and a culture of innovation. Across our people and broader network we can assemble the right team to deliver a tailored project solution.
Inovo supports client's needs with specialist, expert services, facilitating strategy development that supports business and organisational goals
Strategic Services
Inovo has an expert team adept in planning and delivery of master plans through to detailed programmes. We work with a broad range of organisations, collaborating with clients, project teams, and stakeholders to understand the complexities of projects and developing planning solutions that support realisation of project objectives.
Project Planning
Inovo’s project management and delivery capabilities provide our clients with certainty of project outcomes.
Project Management
Inovo provides professional advice and specialty services in the assessment, design and management of all aspects of land development and integrated land/building development.
Land Development
We prioritise precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction above all else. Our team employs technology and proven methodologies to deliver accurate and reliable surveying results.
Our team of qualified civil engineering professionals specialise in design, modelling and contract management for land development, infrastructure, and building services projects.
Civil Engineering
Our Resource Consent Planning team are specialists in navigating the complex layers of governing legislation and regulation to provide skilled planning advice for your project.
Resource Consenting