Auckland Airport Redevelopment Update

Auckland Airport Redevelopment Update

A fresh start to 2024 sees the resumption of the matrix of projects that make up the Auckland Airport Capital Works programme – a project Inovo is providing Planning and Project Control services for.

The multi-billion-dollar infrastructure development programme is designed to revitalise the airport over a decade. We checked in with Inovo’s Dave Lang and Alice Fruean to find out what will be keeping us busy with for this project in 2024.

“The Airport work certainly is a large focus for us this year and beyond.” says Dave. “As the scope of the Auckland Airport work is quite broad, encompassing roading, public transport and pedestrian walkway networks, a new integrated domestic/international terminal plus fitout and airfield developments, our mission critical is to provide planning services which are detailed, well-timed and realistic in their expectations. Thankfully, we have the experience within the team to deliver really high-quality, reliable services.”

“Consultation and communication are absolutely critical, particularly when we are working on a project of this scale.” adds Alice. “We’ve brought together key representatives from Auckland Airport, stakeholders and the incumbent project team to develop a detailed understanding of the design and operational requirements and constraints for the project.” she says. “Methodologies and planning outcomes have been developed iteratively with the project team and will then be used to inform the integrated delivery schedule.”

Inovo is also managing a two-year programme of flood remediation works on the Auckland International terminal, reinstating critical infrastructure and building finishes damaged in the January 2023 storm events.  

Inovo has been leveraging the extensive experience held by the team, not only on roading infrastructure, but also in the airport environment, with a well-established relationship with Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL), among others. Inovo originally provided construction planning services for the main contractor of the $227 million CIAL Integrated Terminal in 2010-2013, followed by the project planning and construction programming for the Novotel Hotel at Christchurch Airport, and as project managers for the Dakota Park business hub development.

We’re really excited to see this historic transformation of Auckland Airport take place and are pleased to be a part of the journey.

Dave Lang is an Inovo Director. Alice Fruean is an Associate & Senior Project Manager.

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