The iFly facility in Queenstown is New Zealand’s first indoor sky diving simulator experience. Inovo was engaged by the Main Contractor to provide a comprehensive construction programme for the project, including liaising with key subcontractors to establish their tasks on the critical path and ensure they fully understood the time commitments. Inovo continued to provide monthly monitoring, programme updates and monthly programme reports throughout the construction duration, and supported the client with programming information during an Extension of Time claim following changes in specification and methodology.

The purpose-built facility’s construction involved an eight metre deep basement and wind turbines that sit in the top of the building. The turbines blow air around the building, into the basement and then project it up through the centre of the building into a 4.5m high glass 'flight chamber' floating people up on a wall-to-wall cushion of air rising approximately five metres above the ground. Highly technical, the wind tunnel and most of the technology for the project was imported from Texas and produces a wind velocity of up to 270kph in the chamber.

The facility also includes a 360-degree viewing platform, a bar and café. The complexities in planning included a tight and steep site, wedged between two existing buildings on one of the busiest streets in Queenstown, making construction access and activities particularly difficult. A major tower crane was used on site to construct the super structure and install all of the 12 tonne wind turbines. The massive concrete structure had to be systematically designed for the alpine location.  The 450mm-thick basement walls required specialised pouring systems brought in from Christchurch, utilising a special free-flowing concrete.

The project was recognised at the Property Council New Zealand Property Industry Awards 2019 with a Merit Award in the Tourism and Leisure category.

Client Arrow International
Location Queenstown
Sector(s) Commercial and Industrial
Disciplines Project Planning
Value $15 million
Completion 2018